ohs0sam (ohs0sam) wrote in we_consumed,


 for breakfast at 7AM i ate a bagel with philadelphia whipped cream cheese, and had a small glass of orange juice. i ate on the back porch at my grandparents' house. why do they make tiny glasses for orange juice? why?

i didn't eat again til around 1, when i shared a bag or pretzel combos (pizza flavored) with a friend, had a sip of my other friend's pepsi.
i had until then been sworn off soda, but i was feeling thirsty.

we visited another friend, we all work together actually, at the hospital, and there i got thirsty again and bought a botle of root beer.

i went grocery shopping and ate one slice of roast beef, when the lady who slices it gave it to me to test whether it was sliced to my liking.
it was.

After shopping, I ate some Veggie Crisps.

And later, I had a big glass of chocolate milk.

And  I believe that is all.

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